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XII% Dirty Dozen
General Diane Zauderer Miller​

I am General Diane Zauderer Miller, the founder and leader of the XII% Dirty Dozen. My father was career Army and a paratrooper during World War II; after the war he trained Military Officers. From the time I was old enough to understand commands, he trained me as if he was training one of his military officers. He taught me Organizational Skills, Strategic Planning, Team Building & Support, what he called “Human Engineering” to assist team members in becoming more successful, Wartime Cognitive Survival, Adaptive and Coping skills, and much more.

When he retired from the Army he built a business with over $20,000,000.00 in sales. I worked in his business as Sales Manager and he was training me to take over as the President; my job in the sales agency was to help train the men comprising the sales force each with an assigned territory spanning the eastern third of the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Again, he continued to develop my leadership skills.

Before that I studied privately with Julliard professors, graduated from Ithaca College School of Music, and led seminars at Julliard. I am a Pianist, Music Theory and Voice instructor by trade. I have trained in several disciplines of the Martial Arts; I have had Edged Weapons Training as well as Firearms Training including Tactical use of Firearms. I believe in staying physically fit and ready.

So how did a little old Piano Teacher end up founding and leading an almost 20,000-member Christian Humanitarian Civil Defense Communications Organization? I was involved in the patriot movement for a few years but found they did not take me seriously. After a few bad experiences with III% and 3% groups, I contemplated starting my own group. After some prompting by others and the belief that God was pushing me in that direction I jumped in with both feet and formed the XII% Dirty Dozen. I formed the group May 23, 2015, and before I knew it things had snowballed, and I had a viable Organization.

I chose the name XII% Dirty Dozen because I truly believe when the time comes it will take far more then 3% of the population to save our country and I also believe it will *take* more than 3% to hold down the fort we call America. I chose the Dirty Dozen because it will take people from all walks of life and experiences to fill the positions we need filled. Just like in the original Dirty Dozen movie, they had people from all walks of life with different experiences and skills. At first, they were considered misfits with society, but finally they were molded and shaped into a formidable force who successfully carried out their assigned task to neutralize a Nazi headquarters.

I chose *The Expendables* as our banner because when I was with the III% and 3% groups they made it clear they considered me “expendable.” I did not like that feeling. I chose the Expendables banner because I do not believe any of us who have the will and desire to work together are expendable. We must unite, prepare and train to help one another to survive the inevitable forthcoming storm of the ages. I see more clearly now than ever that none of us are expendable.

*If* you are a patriotic citizen, *and* you find perilous times encroaching on our nation, *then* we need *you* to contact my Chief of Staff Kenneth Kreiman and tell him of your desire to help in what I consider a Neighborhood Watch Organization spanning all of the USA deep and wide for the safety of all.

All my hopes, love & prayers,

General Diane Zauderer Miller

The General

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