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Last summer the XII% Dirty Dozen embarked on a training program to enable our Patriots to sit for the FCC Technician class operator license. The class consisted of some 20 weeks of theory and review of over 400 questions that could appear on the exam. It was a grueling experience interrupted by Facebook, but we prevailed.

While the pandemic cramped our style of getting folks tested, we are proud to report that LTC Billy McCutchan, CO of the Tx Bn is our first new Tech class operator. He took the exam on Jan 14 and is now waiting on the FCC to issue his call sign.

Congratulations to LTC Billy McCutchan!!!

So if you're interested in getting started in Amateur (Ham) Radio, contact our COS so you can be added to the roster for our next class.

To survive the liberal onslaught of our conservative values and successfully communicate with each other, Amateur radio is the ticket! Join us, get involved!

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