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Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Al Qaeda is seemingly on the rise in the Middle East. Since Biden is letting Illegals stay, come over the border, etc, it is wise to think guess who may be coming over those opened up borders with possible no accountability. They never truly died out , but are in fact very much around and still doing what they do.

It is a concern that they will come back into America and possibly awaken those hidden sleeper cells and then something may happen. So we have to stay awake and watchful. Our borders up in Northern America - Canadian and Southern America - California, Texas, Arizona, etc..they all have to be watched because they will be open access for anyone who says they are from Honduras for example but may in fact be a terrorist waiting to happen.

Read the articles and watch the videos and see if you agree.


In case you forgot who Al Qaeda is here are some videos to help you remember.

So what do you think? As long as our borders are not protected there will always be a threat of their emergence in America. All the sleeper cells have not been found. Time will tell. Ty BIDEN and all the Commies who opened up the borders and decided to stop making the wall.

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