Welcome to XII Percent Dirty Dozen Blogs, So what is a Blog and how does it differ from a Forum. Which is better a Blog or a Forum.

A Blog is author driven content. It is posted by a single author or in rare cases it can be a team of authors. THe content is selected by the author who has some expertise in the subject, personal interest in a topic or in some cases wants to learn about a topic and their Blog audience learns with them. Blogs can also be opinion pieces stating opinions of a political issues, current events etc.

A forum content is participant driven, selecting a topic for the forum and then a participant of the forum can post something pertinent to the selected topic for that forum. Other participants can respond creating a discussion or ost there own thread pertinent to the topic.

So which is better. Neither is better they are different and each have their good points.

In a forum we learn and gain information from each other sharing our information, knowledge and our point of view of that selected subject. In a blog we get to hear and learn from the blogger, learning there point of view or gaining knowledge from the Blogger.

Stay tuned we have some very interesting topics, WOr From the General, Tactical Shotguns, Covid , Political, many other items.

The General and COS Kreiman will be our primary Bloggers but from time to time we may have a guest Blogger. Both the Blog and the Forums are one more way to communicate and learn from each other.

The important thing is here on our own website, whether in our blog or on our forums we have freedom of speech we can voice our opinions and not be concerned with our site being taken down.

Shortly we will be set up to give notification that will be sent to the new members when a new blog or blog post is posted. You will get to post comments to the Blog, and you can be a participant in the Forums so join us and have some fun and learn at the same time.

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