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Drug Cartels ,their relationship to the Border of the USA and the Illegals coming over the Border.

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

America, is obviously in trouble when it comes to Illegals. The Illegals are not just Mexicans, Hondurans, but also have Muslims, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Gang members from some of the worst gangs in the world and perhaps Taliban members. Anyone who desires to leave their oppressed countries are coming this way.

The Drug Cartels are one major way the Illegals/migrants are gettting int to he USA.

There are 6 Mexican drug cartels fueling the US drug and opiod crisis according to the DEA.

Here are those cartels.

If they run the drugs and they do, they run the bordewr.

The six Mexican cartels with the biggest impact in the U.S. are the Sinaloa Cartel, Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación, Beltrán Leyva Organization, Juárez Cartel, Gulf Cartel, and Los Zetas Cartel.

The Sinaloa Cartel, also known as the Pacific Cartel, is one of the oldest and more established drug cartels in Mexico and controls drug trafficking in several regions, especially in the Pacific Coast. It also has the “most expansive international footprint.”

This Mexican drug cartel, formerly led by Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, exports and distributes methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and fentanyl to U.S. cities such as Phoenix, Los Angeles, Denver, Atlanta, and Chicago.

The Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), is based in Guadalajara, Jalisco. It distributes drugs in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Atlanta. Furthermore, this drug trafficking organization is “one of the most powerful and fastest-growing cartels in Mexico and the United States” as it has a presence in at least 24 of 32 Mexican states.

This drug cartel is characterized by its rapid expansion and its willingness to “engage in violent confrontations with Mexican Government security forces and rival cartels.”

The Beltrán-Leyva Organization was created in 2008 when the Beltrán Leyva brothers and their associates split from the Sinaloa Cartel. Although all the Beltrán-Leyva brothers have been either killed or incarcerated, splinter groups still operate in several Mexican states such as Guerrero, Morelos, Nayarit, and Sinaloa. The two main groups are Los Rojos and Los Guerreros Unidos, which have a prominent role in the heroin trade and who are allegedly implicated in the disappearance of 43 students from Ayotzinapa, Guerrero.

This drug cartel mainly traffics marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine in Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

The Juárez Cartel is one of the oldest Mexican drug cartels. For years, it was embroiled in a turf war with the Sinaloa Cartel. It has influence in El Paso, Denver, Chicago, and Oklahoma City. It smuggles marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine.

The Gulf Cartel has been operating for decades and is based in Tamaulipas. It traffics marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine. It has fought against Los Zetas in order to dominate certain areas after the two split in 2010. It has a strong presence in Houston and Detroit.

The Los Zetas Cartel. It was formed as an independent cartel in 2008 when it split from the Gulf Cartel. After controlling drug trafficking all over Mexico, internal conflicts, rival cartels, and Mexican authorities lessened its influence and power in recent years. This drug cartel is divided into two rival groups: the Northeast Cartel and Old School Zetas.

This violent Mexican drug cartel traffics methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine, and heroin in Laredo, Dallas, and New Orleans.

According to the intelligence report, drug cartel leaders based in the U.S. often conceal themselves by living in densely populated Mexican-American communities.

And although several drug trafficking organizations are on the rise, the Sinaloa Cartel is still the biggest threat to the U.S. by dominating the U.S. West Coast, in the Midwest, and in the Northeast. The second most dominant drug cartel is CJNG, which has focused on the heroin markets.

What they do not say is Ohio has been a hub for a few years because we have so many intersecting highways and biways into other states. So when the drugs get here..the people distributing it all have all the states around Ohio to move the drugs etc.

Unfortunality the cartels run the border between mexico and the USA. this is where many of the issues are happening.

President Trump tried to stop these cartels and Biden open it all back up and stopped the wall from being completed. this means the Cartels who run the border and any border town close enough to the border will tell you they do. They are saying the cartels run everything including their lives.

There seem to be games in the beginning..just scroll across until you get to the video. Not sure what that was all about.

I have known many Mexicans and many came in the right way to America. But they still had it hard when they got here. They are not just leaving so they can come to America and do a better job at their lives but to get away from the Drug Cartels and some oppressive gov'ts. NOt all illegals are bad , but there ire bad people among them.

We used to have an officer in our group that lived in a very close to the border town. He told me they run the entire town. The Cartels tell the Law what to do. They are the law. If anyone crosses them, they die or if they get lucky and get beaten. They watch who comes and goes, who asks questions. If a member of the town gives out intel or narcs on someone that is in the Cartel...they will die. So will their family members. The Cartels run everything. They tell them what to do. They are like a Mini commie country all by themselves.

Keep in mind they do not just run drugs they are running the Human trafficking also and some of these groups are working with the taliban and Al Qaeda.

Top US Cities crowded by drug cartels

13. New Orleans

Los Zetas Cartel is the only Mexican cartel that uses New Orleans as a major hub. Los Zetas Cartel is the least influential of the 6 Mexican cartels, but this doesn't mean that its members aren't dangerous people.

12. Dallas

Los Zetas Cartel is also the only Mexican cartel that uses Dallas as a major hub.

11. Laredo

Los Zetas Cartel is also the only Mexican cartel that uses Laredo as a major hub.

10. Detroit

Gulf Cartel is the only Mexican cartel that uses Detroit as a major hub. Gulf Cartel is the 5th most influential Mexican drug cartel in the U.S..

9. Houston

Gulf Cartel is also the only Mexican cartel that uses Houston as a major hub.

8. Oklahoma City

Juarez Cartel is the only Mexican cartel that uses Oklahoma City as a major hub. It is the 4th most powerful Mexican drug cartel operating in the United States.

7. El Paso

Juarez Cartel is also the only Mexican cartel that uses El Paso as a major hub.

6. New York City

Jalisco New Generation Cartel is the only Mexican cartel that uses New York City as a major hub. Mexican cartels aren't prevalent in New York City probably because smaller Colombian drug operations still supply large quantities of cocaine and heroin into New York City.

5. Denver

Sinaloa Cartel and Juarez Cartel both use Denver as a major distribution hub. Juarez Cartel is the fourth powerful Mexican drug Cartel operating in the U.S..

4. Phoenix

Sinaloa Cartel and Beltran-Leyva Organization both use Phoenix as a major distribution hub. Beltran-Leyva Organization is the third most powerful Mexican drug cartel in the U.S..

3. Atlanta

Sinaloa Cartel and Jalisco New Generation Cartel both use Atlanta as a major distribution hub. Jalisco New Generation Cartel is the second most powerful Mexican cartel in the United States.

2. Los Angeles

We bet you were thinking that Los Angeles is the #1 city that is crowded by Mexican drug cartels. There are only 3 major Mexican drug cartels based in Los Angeles: Sinaloa Cartel, Jalisco New Generation Cartel, and Beltran-Leyva Organization.

Most Sexually Liberal Cities in the World in 2018

1. Chicago

Are you surprised to see Chicago at the top of this list? Sinaloa Cartel, Jalisco New Generation Cartel, Beltran-Leyva Organization, and Juarez Cartel operate out of Chicago even though it is such a long distance from Mexico. Chicago isn’t the murder capital of the United States, but its reputation in this regard is pretty bad. There were 750 murders in Chicago in 2016 and the rivalries among Mexican drug cartels and the gangs that help them distribute their illegal drugs definitely contributed to the Chicago’s murder tally. According to our latest calculations Chicago also has an average of 2.1 murders per day so far in 2020 .


What are Border Towns

A border town is a town or city close to the boundary between two countries, states, or regions. Usually the term implies that the nearness to the border is one of the things the place is most famous for. With close proximities to a different country, diverse cultural traditions can have certain influence to the place. Border towns can have highly cosmopolitan communities, a feature they share with port cities, as traveling and trading often go through the town. They can also be flashpoints for international conflicts, especially when the two countries have territorial disputes.

Here is a list of Border Entry Points at the US Border:

The problem for the USA is people and many are children and young teens without their parents, there is limited space as to where to put these people, There is a food, water, bedding etc shortage. On top of that we do not know who is coming over the border. Very few of our cities are checking for Covid, disease, taking notes likes names and where these people are heading. So this means anyone is coming over. Then there is the catch and release spo called program. If they get caught coming over the border illegally the border Patrol in most areas are getting names and letting them go. Letting them go into America that is. Those people who are in states that are being responsible like Texas they are not releasing them but making sure if they have covid they are treated, locating family memebrs if they can. Right now they seem to be the most dedicated at catching and identifying the bad guys etc. too bad some of the other border cities are not doing the same.

There are over 9000 plus detained children now.

Since ICE, Border Officers and Police in general are short manned, this border crisis is bad especially for the children being used to get across the border. The Drug Cartels are using anyone they can to get people in America so they can continue their drug selling and sex trafficking.

Our President and his gang of Commie wannabee's do not care about the Illegals/Immigrants, they only care about votes. Remember that.


Here they go flying people around America and letting them out at those locations. SANTUARY CITIES! That is my guess.

Most of these illegals are in bad situations int heir countries. Honduras, Mexico and El Salvadore have the highest rates of Cartels in the World. They also have the most dangerous Gangs in the world, some of which run the drug cartles, sex trafficking etc. They wish for freedom, but Biden just told them to come on over. Now he supposedly retracted his statement to t hat effect.

Biden has caused a mess!!!!! Remember Pelosi is the one directing him! She apparently has been right along.

Its seems the left is getting everything they wanted all along.

I, myself , have a humanitarian personality and to know and see what I am seeing, it is tragic. NO human should have to leave their country and resort to the tactics of the drug cartels to gain freedom when in reality they are tied to the drug cartels for the rest of their lives. they have to make deals and bow down to the cartels. If they do not do as the cartels want...they die and so do their familes.

Some of the left news is saying he didn't know it was going to be this bad. That is crap and I say that because for the 8 Years of Obama the same stuff happened with the Border. All the left care about is V O T E S. They will send them all over the USA like Obama did with the MS-13 Gang. He is totally responsible for that gang doing and acting the way they did in America.

President Trump got rid of them , not all but many. What Biden and his band of Commies have done will bring them all back into America. Not only MS-13, but ISIS, Muslims, Terrorists, Cartels, you name it. It's already been happening. It will happen again.

I feel so bad for the children. Biden played on their families hope. Hope for a better future!!! Very sad situation.

The Smugglers could have been the drug cartels for all they know. The Cartels will go after those they help especially if those they helped get inot America up and disappear.


The approach of the Movement to migration is strictly humanitarian and based on the recognition of each migrant’s individuality and aspirations.

It focuses on the needs, vulnerabilities and potentials of migrants, irrespective of their legal status, type, or category.

In order to capture the full extent of humanitarian concerns related to migration, our description of migrants is deliberately broad:

Migrants are persons who leave or flee their habitual residence to go to new places – usually abroad – to seek opportunities or safer and better prospects. Migration can be voluntary or involuntary, but most of the time a combination of choices and constraints are involved.

Our use of the term ‘migrant’ thus includes:

labour migrants

stateless migrants

migrants deemed irregular by public authorities

migrants displaced within their own country

refugees and asylum-seekers

another version:

A person who attempts to permanently relocate to a new country, but who may be subject to removal by the government of that country: undocumented migrants;unaccompanied child migrants.


A person who is within the boundaries of a political state without that government's authorization; a national of another country who has entered or stayed without permission.


Illegal immigration is the act of living in a country without government permission. In most U.S. contexts, illegal immigration refers to the presence of 12 million undocumented Mexican-American immigrants in the United States. Lack of documentation is what makes illegal immigration illegal; Mexican workers, recruited by U.S. corporations since the 1830s, have historically been allowed by the government to cross the border to work indefinitely -- initially on railroads and later on farms -- without interference.

The way I see it , my ancestors came over on boats and did it right. Some came from oppressive regions of the world. I do not understand why these illeglas/immigrants believe America can help them when we have people running our country into the ground int he name of Socialism/Communism.

I understand many are coming from horrible conditions. This is very sad. What angers me is Biden telling them to come on over..get all t he freebees you can. To poor people and people living in horrible conditions that is a major temptation.

The Drug Cartels take advantage of people who are desparate. Desparate enough to do the deeds of these cartels even if it means they die trying.

The drug cartels run the border through and through. They tell people when they can get over the border, who to see, where to go etc. Lies and deceptions to people who are desparate.

The cartels are also working with Al Qaeda! This means Al Qaeda and their sleeper cells are running the drugs through America. China also works with the cartels doing the same thing. The illegals/immigrants are a ways and means to keep the Drugs pouring into our country.

The cartels and Al Qaeda are also running the sex trafficking and child porn rings.

The cartels are also made up of the most dangersous Gangs in the world. All who have been in America right along. Some got removed by ICE through President Trump MS-13.

Thanks to Biden and his gang of Commies, stopping the border wll completion, they are all coming back over to America in droves.

All the druggies, child molesterers, murderers etc that were removed are finding their way back.


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